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If you have a story contracted that is less than 25K and will be using a Fireborn Flash Fiction cover, please indicate your choice of cover from the covers on our Flash Fiction Pages on your Book Information Form. Please choose only one. Or...tell us what sort of cover we're missing on the list. We're making new FFF covers all the time, and if none of these fit your genre, we're not adverse to making a new one.



* Animal Lovers


* Big Beautiful Woman

* Brides and Grooms

* Cross Dresser/Trans/Drag/Agender

* Dancers

* General Contemporary

* General Erotic

* Handicapped Characters

* May/December and Cougars

* Medical

* Menage/Multiple Partners

* Military

* Musicians

* Professionals

* Romantic

* Sexy Geeks/Cosplay/Grunge/Goth/Punk

* Sports

* Suspense


Historical and Western-

* Ancient Cultures

* Goth

* Historical 1800s and 1900s

* Medieval/Medieval Fantasy/Renaissance

* Pirates

* Western


Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal-

* Angel/Demon

* Anime/Kemonomimi/Anthropomorphic

* Apocalypse

* Cosplay

* Djinn/Genie

* Dragon/Gargoyle

* Fairy/Fae/Elf/Nymph

* General Paranormal/Fantasy

* Horror

* Magic/Witch/Sorcerer

* Mermaid

* Mystic

* Science Fiction

* Shifter

* Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Splatterpunk

* Vampire



* Winter Holidays

* Valentine's Day

* Mother's/Father's Day

* St. Patrick's Day

* Memorial Day/Veteran's Day

* Halloween/Samhain



If you have a story contracted that is more than 25K and will be using an individual cover, please indicate any and all covers you like stylistically from the choices below on your Book Information Form. While we do not guarantee a particular artist, this will help the aritists get a feel for your likes and dislikes and will help the art director assign a complementary artist to your book.

ALTERNATELY, you may choose one of the Flash Fiction covers, and it will be removed from circulation to be assigned to you. Several authors have found their covers for longer works this way.



Jess Jess Jess Jess2 Jess3 Jess3



Tracey Tracey Tracey1 Tracey3 Tracey6 Tracey Tracey Tracey



Sheri1 Sheri2 Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri Sheri



Allison1 Allison2 Allison3 Allison4 Allison5 Allison6 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1 Allison1



Vanessa1 Vanessa2 Vanessa4 Vanessa5 Vanessa6 Vanessa7 Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa


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