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Welcome to Fireborn Publishing




Q: I'm getting an error code when I try to download my books. I want to read them. Help!

A: While our storefront works perfectly most of the time, an occasional glitch slips in. There are a couple of steps you can take to round the block and get your books downloaded.

1. Refresh the page you're clicking links to download from. This will work for most customers.

2. Leave the page. Use CONTROL-F5. Go back to the orders/library page and try the link again.

3. If all else fails, try right clicking the download button and using "save link as" feature. This has never failed in testing.

If none of these work for you, please let us know, and we'll get you squared away.


Q: What do the flame markers mean on your site?

A: Heat Rating: 1 Flame- Sweet to traditional sexuality. No fully-realized sexual scenes, fade to black/closed door, or largely emotional and not detailed sexual joinings.

Heat Rating: 2 Flames- Sensual. Detailed but largely vanilla sexual encounters. No multiple partners or ménage. Toys and mild bondage but not moderate or higher BDSM. Frank language and few to no euphemisms, unless added as part of banter.

Heat Rating: 3 Flames- Highly sensual. Detailed sex with a splash of kink. Up to moderate BDSM. Multiple partner or fairly vanilla ménage allowed.

Heat Rating: 4 Flames- Erotic romance. Frequent, detailed sex. Bring on the kink. Racier BDSM, but no extreme (blood, branding, etc.). Multiple partner and kinky ménage are right at home.

Heat Rating: 5 Flames- Erotica and no holds barred (save the usual no-gos) erotic romance sex. Extreme BDSM, sadism, and masochism. Forget the feather and bring on the chicken. (NOTE: That is a joke, since bestiality is a definite no-go!)


Q: When do the member perks start?

A: With the first week we release books for sale. Since we'll be doing the soft launch, we've decided to extend the discounts by the amount of time between soft launch and hard launch of the site, so early adopters get bonus time on their memberships!


Q: How do I become a donating member?

A: Visit our store and choose your membership level! Please allow 24 hours for us to code your discount level before attempting to purchase with your discount.


Q: Can I buy from Fireborn Publishing without being a member reader?

A: Absolutely. Being a member reader simply gives you perks like a percentage off purchases. No one has to take part in that program.


Q: Can I buy Fireborn Publishing titles at sites other than Fireborn's home site? If so, where?

A: We are currently approved to distribute to Amazon Kindle, All Romance eBook/OmniLit, Kobo, Coffeetime Romance, and B&N well as CreateSpace for print. As we become established, we hope to add on Bookstrand, iBookstore, LSI, and possibly a few of the LGBT-specific sites, like TLA Gay or LGBT Bookshop. Our current plan is to release books on Fireborn Publishing's site on Friday, and those books will release on distribution channels 7-10 days following release on Fireborn's site.


Q: Is there a way to contact the author of a book?

A: We include as much author information as the authors are comfortable with giving. Authors will typically give a way to contact them through their sites or social media. Occasionally, they give an email address. In the rare case where no method of contact is given, we can send email to the email address we have for the author (forward an email), but we will not forward offensive or threatening emails to our authors.


Q: What payment types do you take?

A: We take PayPal and credit/debit card payments. At the moment, we are using a PayPal cart system, but we are currently working on adding Checkout by Amazon and possibly another merchant account, for those who dislike using the PayPal cart system.


Q: What if I have had a problem with my order?

A: Any reader problems, of any sort, are handled through the Customer Service email. Please give us as much detail as possible when reporting an error.


Q: How do I know which type of ebook to purchase?

A: What to purchase depends on what you're reading on and which format/s the hardware will display. In general...

Kindle readers will take a variety of formats, but MOBI/PRC formats display best on it, since they are owned by the Amazon corporation. MOBI works best on first generation Kindles, and PRC works very well on all further versions. Kindle can additionally read PDF and other formats, but they do not display as nicely and often display in small type, even in landscape orientation.

Nook readers will likewise take a variety of formats, but it displays ePub natively best. You can get a Kindle reader software for your Nook, but it can sometimes have problems with secured books. Nook displays the same problem with PDF that Kindle does.

iPad/iPhone read ePub natively. You can often also get a Kindle app for the unit to read your Kindle books. They have the same problem with PDF the other handhelds do, mainly because PDF is not a "flowing" book type.

PC and Mac/Apple desktops and laptops are good for the four major types of ebooks: ePub, MOBI/PRC, PDF, and HTML. You can read Mobi/PRC on the MobiReader or Kindle for PC/Mac, ePub on Adobe Digital Editions or Nook for PC/Mac, HTML in any browser or word processing unit, and PDF in Adobe. Almost all of these options involve free software downloads to your computer. If you have an older computer, you may have a copy of MSReader software, which can read LIT format.

Other small handheld units, including Smart Phones, will tell you which formats they can read. You will sometimes find that older ones will want a format like PDB or HTML.

* Feel free to email us for information on ebook formats.


Q: How soon will I get my ebook?

A: Fireborn Publishing sells downloads. Downloads will be available on your account, from the moment the product releases, as long as your payment method has passed the cart check. If you purchase a pre-release product, you will have to visit later to download. If you are having any problems downloading, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.


Q: How soon will I get my print book?

A: Since you'll be checking out with CreateSpace or Amazon, you'll be able to choose that at checkout.


Q: Can I return an item?

A: Because we deal in electronic downloads, we do not offer returns on purchases, unless there is a compelling reason to do so. If a file downloads fouled, please try to download again, then contact us, so we can correct this issue for you.


Q: What is Fireborn's Privacy Policy?

A: Fireborn Publishing will never sell or share your personal information. If you would prefer not to receive our newsletters, please opt out on your customer account. We respect our customers and their privacy. To that end, we have site security via GeoTrust and endeavor to protect our customers.


Q: What are Fireborn's Terms and Conditions?

A: Fireborn Publishing is a cooperative venture. To that end, all we ask from our customers is common courtesy and respect for us and the law. It can't get more simple than that. We offer you the same, as well as the dedication to be as fair, responsive, and diligent in the books we offer as we can be. To that end...

1. Bashing of authors, books, or publishers (ours or those of other publishing ventures) will not be allowed on Fireborn social media or sites and will be removed, if it happens. Responsible critical review is welcomed, but bashing is not. Please don't give spoilers in your reviews, as that ruins the reading experience for others.

2. Similarly, flame wars will not be allowed. Be respectful to each other and share the love of reading.

3. We expect our customers to respect author copyright, and we encourage our readers to report infringing links/sites to us. To that end, we are liberal in not placing DRM on our titles and thus allowing readers to make backup copies for use on future tech or in case of loss of tech.

4. Similarly, we will not tolerate persons who attempt to defraud us, including using a fake name to defraud others using our site. It's illegal and unethical.

5. We will not sell your information or share it with anyone. You have our word on that. We respect customer privacy.

6. Books rated 3-5 flames are intended for adult audiences, by using this site to purchase them, you are certifying that:

* You are an adult in your country of residence.

* You are not logging in from any locality that would find sensual/erotic written content illegal. There is no erotic pictorial content on this site.

* You are not entering this site with the intent of causing legal unrest for the site owner or ISP, and by entering this site, you waive all right to do so, having been forewarned that such content exists on the site.

* You do not intend to encourage minors to purchase adult materials from this site.

* You will not transmit or reproduce any portion of this site for personal or commercial use.

7. Other than that, please enjoy and come back often. We love our customers and enjoy interacting with you!


Q: I would like to place a Fireborn banner on my site. Do you have any small ones available?

A: Sure thing! And thank you for thinking of us!

BlackBanner WhiteBanner





Q: What genres will you be taking?

A: At the moment, everything from romantic, through all heat levels of romance, and erotica.

We'll be taking all subgenres, MF, LGBT, and menage. In the future, as the site is fully coded, we may additionally offer straight-genre and YA books, but not until we are able to separate YA shoppers from erotic.

We accept lengths from 5000 words through plus-sized novels, but please be aware that our editorial staff MAY request to split plus-sized novels into two or more parts, for the purpose of facilitating print on the book.

Fireborn publishing demands strong characters and plotlines in our stories.


Q: Are you looking for anything in particular?

A: We ARE particularly interested in holiday-themed works right now. We don't just mean winter holidays; we're setting the schedule for Halloween, Valentine's Day, Mothers/Fathers Day... If you've got it and feel it's themed to a holiday, hit us up with it! Also, check the submissions page for special calls.


Q: Are you a subsidy or vanity publishing venture?

A: No. We are a traditional ebook and print (POD) press, with a little twist of striving for a cooperative base. Money flows to the author, not the other direction.


Q: Doesn't the crowd funding make you a subsidy press?

A: Not at all! Authors are never required to pay us for anything, save them choosing to purchase print copies of their books, above and beyond their contracted copies. The crowd funding perks are aimed at readers...percentage off purchases, free books, priority printing, and so forth. Our models in this type of business style are (primarily) RSI, who have crowd funded to build not only the Star Citizen game but also to build their company, and other publishers, who offer member perks yearly. In fact, we may continue to offer packages after we open for business, though the unlimited packages are only for early supporting members. Of course, our goals are much more modest than those of RSI. We just want to get the baseline overhead investments taken care of and to fund the business through the intial 3-6 months of high risk start-up.


Q: What royalty rate do you offer?

A: For authors new to Fireborn Publishing, we currently offer 40% net. For authors established with Fireborn (our early adopter authors and authors who have three or more works with Fireborn), we move you to 50% net on all future contracts. We encourage and reward team participation for all our reader members, authors, and staff members, as often as we can.


Q: Can I see a sample contract?

A: Of course you can! We firmly believe our contract is fair to our authors, and we don't hesitate to share it with you.

You can view a sample contract here.


Q: What are the steps, after a book is accepted?

A: You will receive a contract and a W-8 or W-9 to sign electronically. You will receive an invitation for your author area file storage. You should fill out the Book Information form, Contact form, and Cover art form, as soon as possible. You will be contacted by the art dept and the editing dept, when your book is ready for those steps. As long as all your paperwork is in place, we're good to go.

Ideally, when an author signs the contract, he/she should go right over and fill out the Book Information Form, Cover form, and Contact form at In an effort to make it possible for our cover artists to deliver art without being unduly rushed, Fireborn has instituted a 60-day rule on these forms. If you have not submitted them for your book at least 60 days before release, we will reschedule your book further out to allow the artists time to create a cover for you in a timely manner.

If you want more information about Fireborn and our policies, these resources are available to you. Author Handbook for Administrative Questions with basic information on what to expect! Or read our Author Handbook for Editing Process!


Q: How do I stay in the loop? What if I have questions?

A: Visit the Contact page to find the right person to answer any questions you might have. If you want to stay in the loop, as far as company news, you can join the Facebook Group. There is also a reader page for FBP at Facebook.


Q: Do you pay advances?

A: No, but like most primarily-ebook indie presses, we pay quarterly royalties on all amounts received in the quarter, and since you aren't earning back the advance, you get your pay-outs from the first round of royalties.


Q: Do you send books for review?

A: Yes. We have an in-house marketing director, who takes care of that for authors. Authors are invited to send additional review copies, if they so wish, but we ask that they not double what the MD is already doing.


Q: Where and when will my books distribute to other channels?

A: We are currently approved to distribute to Amazon Kindle, All Romance eBook/OmniLit, Kobo, Coffeetime Romance, and B&N well as CreateSpace for print. As we become established, we hope to add on Bookstrand, iBookstore, LSI, and possibly a few of the LGBT-specific sites, like TLA Gay or LGBT Bookshop. Our current plan is to release books on Fireborn Publishing's site on Friday, and those books will release on distribution channels 7-10 days following release on Fireborn's site.


Q: Can I use my cover art on promo items?

A: You can use your promo on any items you aren't going to sell. Because of the contract in place with our cover artists, we do not have the licensing to sell items with the art on them, save the actual books themselves.


Q: I would like to place a Fireborn banner on my site. Do you have any small ones available?

A: Sure thing! You can use a general banner...

BlackBanner WhiteBanner

Or, if you're an author signed with us, you can use our author banners!

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