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Welcome to Fireborn Publishing



SPECIAL CALLS- All special calls are for short works, 5-25K, in any heat level or pairing/grouping. If you have a longer work for a holiday, please try to submit at least 4 months in advance of the holiday. We DO take other holidays not noted. Be sure to tell us what holiday or call you're submitting for.

NOTE: Covers posted for the call/holiday are NOT the final cover for all books. All calls/holidays will have a choice of applicable covers to match the book, from our stock of Fireborn Flash Fiction covers.


Yearly Special Calls


Valentine's Fantasies- DUE BY 1 December the year before- In any genre, but must center on Valentine's Day.


St. Patrick's Day- DUE BY 1 January- Must center on Ireland/Scotland and/or St. Patrick's Day.


Mother's Day- DUE BY 1 February- Must center on being or becoming a mother.


Memorial Day- DUE BY 15 February- Features men and women in uniform; can be military or not.


Father's Day- DUE BY 1 March- Must center on being or becoming a father.


Labor Day- 1 June- Features men and women at work, blue color workers!

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Halloween/Samhain- DUE BY 15 July- We welcome paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, historical...anything, as long as it is Halloween/Samhain-related.


Veteran's Day- 1 August- Features men and women in uniform, but focus on military.

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Winter Holidays- DUE BY 1 October- Any of the winter holidays, including New Years, and in any genre.





2017 special calls


Shifters- DUE BY 1 November 2016


Nerds, Geeks, and Cosplay- DUE BY 1 January


Ancient Cultures- DUE BY 1 April


Pirate Booty- DUE BY 15 April


Mystery and Detectives- DUE BY 15 June



Want to save yourself time in edits? Consider reading and applying our Pre-Edit Worksheet to your book before submitting!


Q: What genres will you be taking?

A: At the moment, everything from romantic, through all heat levels of romance, and erotica.

We'll be taking all subgenres, MF, LGBT, and menage. In the future, as the site is fully coded, we may additionally offer straight-genre and YA books, but not until we are able to separate YA shoppers from erotic.

We accept lengths from 5000 words through plus-sized novels, but please be aware that our editorial staff MAY request to split plus-sized novels into two or more parts, for the purpose of facilitating print on the book.

Fireborn publishing demands strong characters and plotlines in our stories.


Q: Are you looking for anything in particular?

A: Yes!

Deadline: Ongoing through 2015

Title: Seeking works, mainly MF and ménage works, to balance catalog!

Genre: All romance, erotic romance, and erotica genres, especially SF/F/P/H subgenres

Word count: 5K and up, with a specific focus on 5-45K

Description: Fireborn is seeking MF and/or ménage works, especially those between 5K and 45K, to balance out our catalog. We won't turn down a MM work or a longer work, but we're flush with them right now, so something different would go over well.

For more information:

Be sure to read our author handbooks and our submission requirements.

We are also particularly interested in holiday-themed works right now. We don't just mean winter holidays; we're setting the schedule for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mothers/Fathers Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day... If you've got it and feel it's themed to a holiday, hit us up with it! Please note that this also includes non-US holidays, so if you have one, we'll try to time it to conincide with the holiday you're writing about.


Q: Do you have subjects you won't take?

A: The usual ones apply.

No bestiality; shifters or non-humans of other sorts who are sentient will probably pass the test for this.

No snuff or necrophilia; undead characters who are sentient pass the test for this.

No incest on screen and for titillation. This includes parent/child, siblings, aunt or uncle/niece or nephew, as well as pseudoincest (foster children with foster parents and similar situations).

No body fluids/scat play/golden showers/blood play, save vampires and other non-humans enjoying drinking blood.

No rape for titillation; forced seduction or rape play is okay, but not H&H rape. Villains, by definition, may rape, but it is not for titillation.

No human characters having sex under 18; sexually adult characters in non-human worlds are fine, and off screen mentions of sex before 18 are also fine.

Basically, it comes down to what we can realistically expect to distribute for you. A lot of our distribution channels will not allow these things.


Q: What are your submissions requirements?

A: Glad you asked!

1" margins right and left; .5" margins top and bottom. Justified or centered print only, please.

Nothing in the header or footer. We will add that later.

11pt type, preferrably New Times Roman, but we will also accept Garamond or Bookman Old. We'll be changing it later, but we'd like to start with one of those.

1.5 spacing, with no additional space before or after the paragraphs.

.5" indents for paragraphs. Do not use Tabs feature. Please use your word processor's indent feature instead.

Use section break/next page and page breaks only. Please do not use hard returns to drop the beginning of a new chapter to the next page.

DOC format. If you submit in RTF or DOCX, we will change it to DOC, but do not submit in any other formats.

***** as hard break. No spaces between the astriks.

We accept US, UK, and Australian English. Please note on the query letter which you are using.


Q: How do I submit to Fireborn Publishing?

A: Submit query letter that contains a short summary, including all major plot points and conclusion and full manuscript by email to the Aquisitions Editor acquisitions(at)firebornpublishing(dot)com. The contact information in the query letter should contain both your legal and pen name, in addition to genre of the story, word count, and series information, if applicable. Put SUBMISSION-Title and Author Name in the subject line. Use INHOUSESUBMISSION, if you are already an author with Fireborn Publishing.

Unsolicited manuscripts and unagented submissions will be accepted via email/electronic files. No hard copy, printed manuscripts will be accepted by snail mail.

Please make sure to double check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as compliance with our guidelines.


Q: Can I see a sample contract?

A: Of course you can! We firmly believe our contract is fair to our authors, and we don't hesitate to share it with you.

You can view a sample contract here.


Q: What are the steps, after a book is accepted?

A: You will receive a contract and a W-8 or W-9 to sign electronically. You will receive an invitation for your author area file storage. You should fill out the Book Information form, Contact form, and Cover art form, as soon as possible. You will be contacted by the art dept and the editing dept, when your book is ready for those steps. As long as all your paperwork is in place, we're good to go.

Ideally, when an author signs the contract, he/she should go right over and fill out the Book Information Form, Cover form, (at the moment, they are a single form, but they will be separte forms in the coming weeks) and Contact form at In an effort to make it possible for our cover artists to deliver art without being unduly rushed, Fireborn has instituted a 60-day rule on these forms. If you have not submitted them for your book at least 60 days before release, we will reschedule your book further out to allow the artists time to create a cover for you in a timely manner.


Q: How do I stay in the loop? What if I have questions?

A: Visit the Contact page to find the right person to answer any questions you might have. If you want to stay in the loop, as far as company news, you can join the Facebook Group. There is also a reader page for FBP at Facebook.


Q: Do you accept submissions of books that are not completed yet?

A: If this is your first submission to us, the book must be completed before submitting. If you are pitching books in a series already started with us, feel free to pitch further books to the Acquisitions Editor with an anticipated length and a partial manuscript.


Q: Do you accept multiple submission and double submissions?

We prefer not to have you double submit, but if you do, please let us know immediately if you sign the work to another publisher, so we can remove it from the queue. You may submit multiple submissions to us, but if it's a series, please submit only the first of the series, until we decided on that one. If we sign the first, feel free to submit all future books in the series to us, as soon as possible.


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